Library module error on fedena

Have you installed library module in fedena and have stocked in this error.

In Student Profile, When you click on library in More (Menu) is this error appearing in your application. If so then there is a slight code change in library controller to fix this.

Navigate to library module /app/controller/library_controller.rb

Find this function at line 194

def student_library_details

some codes here


Now just make changes for two lines and get everything fixed .

def student_library_details

@user = User.find_by_username(@student.admission_no)
@reserved = BookReservation.find(:all, :conditions=>[“user_id = #{} “])
@borrowed = BookMovement.find(:all, :conditions=>[“user_id = #{} and status != ‘Returned’”])


Is your problem solved now.

If you are still getting problem or have any better suggestion please drop your line on comments.

Happy coding ?

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